When it comes to south Indian weddings, there are many unique types of gold ornaments worn by the bride and Vanki rings top the list of traditional bridal jewelry. A Vanki ring is made in a curved V-shaped circle. The curvy shape of the ring adds elegance to the finger. The ancient south Indian style Vanki ring has it's origin traced to Naga or snake worship. In Indian culture and tradition, snakes are seen as entities of strength and renewal. Vanki rings is worn around the finger by a new south Indian bride for elegance, and also because it is believed that the inverted-V- shaped ring has the power to protect it's holder in her new journey and in warding off all negative energy.

Here let's look at the gorgeous Bollywood actress, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan adorned in a diamond Vanki ring. She pairs this traditional ring with her western wear clearly representing her culture and honoring her south Indian roots.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Diamond Vanki Ring Diamond Vank Ring in Closed Setting DR787- Diamond Vanki Ring in Closed Setting

Vanki rings have been handed down from generations and form an essential part of the south Indian bridal jewelry. The south Indian wedding or engagement rings are popularly known as Vanki rings. In certain south Indian tradition, the Vanki ring is presented by the in-laws to the bride before the wedding as a protector against evil spirits. While in Telangana region of south India, gifting the Vanki ring at the time of 'Pradhanam' to the bride is a ritual. 

Princesses from royal families in south India originally wore Vanki rings. A Vanki ring is a symbol of status and class. Even today, Vanki rings continue to charm south Indian brides with it's everlasting elegance and brides prefer wearing these ancient rings as a mark of respect toward their culture and tradition.

Vanki rings are available in plain 22K gold designs and also in stone studded models. Here are few of our latest Vanki rings:


Traditional Plain 22K Gold Vanki Ring 22K Gold 'Lakshmi' Vanki Ring With Red Stone Plain 22K Gold Vanki Ring 22K Gold Vanki Ring With Red Stone

Here are 22K gold Vanki rings with colored stones and Cubic Zirconia. 

22K Gold Vanki Ring With Cz & Color Stones Stylish 22K Gold Vanki Ring With Color Stones Elegant 22K Gold Vanki Ring With Cz & Color Stone Contemporary 22K Gold Vanki Ring With Cz & Color Stones

The beauty of Vanki rings is that they are flexible and fits all finger types and sizes. The plain 22k gold Vanki rings can be worn on a daily basis. Our 22K gold Vanki rings match well with western as well as Desi Indian outfits.