South Indian jewelry is one of the most traditional and cultural jewelry of India. South Indian bridal jewelry including necklaces is a reflection of auspicious beauty, as it represents traditional beliefs that have been passed down in families for generations. Now, whether you are a south Indian bride yourself or getting married into a south Indian family you will be in awe of the perfectly handcrafted Temple jewelry designs that capture the essence of south Indian heritage.

Here are few traditional south Indian brides - each recreating an eternal grandeur with their traditional jewelry. South Indian brides are amazingly elegant by staying authentic to their roots and traditions yet managing to look fashionable. Take inspiration from these timeless south Indian bridal jewelry looks and select your pick for your special day. 

A Traditional South Indian Bride in Full Grandeur A Beautiful South Indian Bride with Mango Mala A South Indian Bride with Elegant Kasumala -Image Source: Azzhar Photography Happy South Indian Bride with Traditional Jewelry - Image Source: Focuz Studios South Indian Bride with Beautiful Temple Jewellery Necklaces- Image Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik

A south Indian bride has a typical wedding trousseau, which comprises of traditional silk Kanjeevaram sarees, lots of 22K gold jewelry mainly Temple jewelry (also spelled jewellery), which is inspired from the gods, goddesses and carvings of south Indian temples, and a traditional hairstyle full of Jasmine flowers or gajra  studded with gold hair pins or jada and jada choti.

As a south Indian bride, your choices in bridal necklaces range from long harams, the traditional Kaasu mala, Mango mala, to antique necklaces, chokers and much more. Here is a peek at our latest collection of classic and intiricate south Indian bridal necklaces. 

1. Mango Mala

Also known as manga malai, mango mala is a traditional South Indian necklace. The most distinguishing feature of the manga malai is the use of mango motifs to make the necklace. The mango motif lends uniqueness and beauty to its design. The mango tree is believed to be a symbol of fertility and long life. Mango leaves which are believed to hold protective powers are still used in actual rituals in India, also commonly found strung across the entrance of an house. Motifs of mango have been used in south Indian jewelry, lending not only a meaning but decorative elements to the jewelry pattern. Representative of life, perfection and eternity, the mango mala makes the south Indian bride look extremely traditional and glorious on her wedding day.

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An Evergreen Temple Jewelry Mango Mala with Intricate Carvings. A Simple and Traditional Mango Mala A Classic Mango Mala in Temple Jewelry Design Short Contemporary Style Mango Mala

2. Temple Jewelry Harams ( Long Necklaces)

At Totaram Jewelers, we specialize in Temple jewellery long necklaces or harams which are intricately crafted and involves a lot of handiwork and carving referred to as "Nakshi". One of the most popular motifs used in Temple jewellery harams is the Lakshmi goddess, a representative of beauty, prosperity, good luck and abundance. It is believed that wearing the Lakshmi goddess necklace on her wedding day will bring prosperity and luck to the new bride and is considered highly auspicious. Also, other motifs in Temple jewellery include swans, peacocks, lotus flowers and other gods and goddesses. Temple jewelry harams are often embellished with precious and semi precious gems and pearls to give them a classic appearance.

Timeless Peacock Haram in Temple Jewellery Lakshmi Haram with Red Stones in Antique Polish Sri Rama Pattabhishekam" Long Necklace With Cz & Color Stones Peacock" Long Necklace With Cz, Pearls & Beads (Temple Jewellery)

3. The Traditional Kasumala Or Kasulaperu

The Kasumala is an essential necklace in every south Indian bride's jewelry collection. Kasu meaning 'coin' and Mala  'necklace' is also known as Kasulaperu in Telugu. the Kasumala is made up of small gold coins which are so closely strung together that they overlap one another. This is a traditional south Indian necklace which is extremely popular and has become a significant bridal choice. Today, Kasumalas are trending in a huge varieties of designs from plain Kasu Malas, Lakshmi, Parrot Kasu Malas to designer Kasumalas.

A Trendy Kasumala with Pearls and Green Stones A Traditional Lakshmi Kasumala in Temple Jewelry Design Classic Kasumala with Lakshmi Pendant A Simple & Elegant Kasumala

4. Bridal Choker Necklaces

Choker necklaces are heart of south Indian traditional jewelry. Brides are today looking for a distinct statement piece, and heavy choker necklaces seem to be the perfect match with their royal and elegant look. The choker is an easy to style statement piece which elongates the neck and typically rests on the collar bone giving the south Indian bride a graceful and regal look. 

Gorgeous Peacock Temple Jewelry Choker Necklace Beautiful Choker Necklace with Colored Stones & CZ A Simple Choker Apt for Layering Bridal Necklaces A Wedding Depicted Choker Necklace in Temple Jewellery

5. Short Necklaces in Temple Jewellery Style

If you have not noticed already...South Indian brides love layering different neck pieces and they prefer short necklaces for their wedding look as it helps in the overall layering of their bridal jewelry. Again, like the harams, short Temple jewelry necklaces come in unique styles and designs with common motifs like peacocks, mango leaves, flowers, Lakshmi goddess, parrots and more. 

Lovely Lakshmi Necklace With Cz, Beads & Pearls Beautiful Peacock Necklace With Cz, Beads & Pearls Colorful Short Necklace in Temple Jewelry Style Antique Short Necklace Set with Colored Stones