The Kasumala is an essential necklace in every south Indian woman’s jewelry collection. Kasu meaning 'coin' and Mala  'necklace' is also known as Kasulaperu in Telugu. the Kasumala is made up of small gold coins which are so closely strung together that they overlap one another. This is a traditional south Indian necklace which is extremely popular and has become a significant bridal choice. Today, Kasumalas are trending in a huge varieties of designs from plain Kasu Malas, Lakshmi, Parrot Kasu Malas to designer Kasumalas.  

To south Indians, jewelry is deeply rooted in every aspect of their life tradition, religion, rituals, ceremonies, weddings, festivals and is perceived as a status symbol, the abundance and display of which is proportional to one’s success in society. Kasumala is a highly desired jewelry necklace for a south Indian bride as it is considered to be the most regal and auspicious bridal jewelry that carries family legacy and traditions.

Graceful, elegant, beautiful, diva; these are some adjectives that perfectly go with a South Indian bridal look. Let's see how the magnificence of the Kasumala or Kasuperalu further adds magic to their ensemble.

22K Gold Traditional Long Kasumalas-

Bollywood Actress Sridevi in Traditional Kasumala 22K Gold Traditional Kasu Mala 22K Gold 'Lakshmi Kasu Mala / Kasulaperu' With Beads Tollywood Actress Looking Beautiful in Traditional Kasulaperu

A south Indian wedding is incomplete without a Kasulaperu adorning the bride. In fact, Kasumalas are a popular choice among women and girls for any special and auspicious occasions like Puja, thread ceremony, and marriages. The necklace is constructed using gold coins which are embossed with figurines of Hindu gods and goddesses. The Kasu or the coins most often are inscribed with motifs of Lakshmi or Ram parivar. ( Explore our 22K Temple Jewellery Collection.)

22K Gold Sri Rama Pattabhishekam Kasumalas

A Happy Bride in Traditional 22K Gold Jewelry 22K Gold Sri Rama Pattabhishekam Kasu Mala An Indian Bride All Decked Up in Traditional South Indian Gold Jewelry 22K Gold "Rama Pattabhishekam" 3 In 1 Long Necklace With Detachable Pendant (Temple Jewellery)

Lakshmi goddess is very popular as she is a representative of beauty, prosperity, good luck and abundance. It is believed that wearing the Lakshmi goddess Kasumala on her wedding day will bring prosperity and luck to the new bride and is considered highly auspicious. The Kasumala designed with Lakshmi on each and every coin is called as Lakshmi Kasumala

22K Gold Lakshmi Kasumalas with Pendants-

22K Gold 'Lakshmi' Long Kasu Necklace With Color Stones (Temple Jewellery) A Gorgeous South Indian Bride Adorned in the Lakshmi Kasumala 22K Traditional Lakshmi Haram or Kasumala A Radiant South Indian Briude in Traditional Lakshmi Haram

It is said that the origins of the coin necklace can be traced back to the vedic period. The Rig Veda mentions about this. Also, the Kasu necklace can be seen in the sculptures of Amravati. The profuse stone carvings found all over south India seem to have further inspired the designs for these ornaments. The Kasumalas come in different lengths and designs. This traditional necklace is so valued that it is a preferred gift to brides in south Indian weddings.

 22K Gold Short Kasumalas-

There are different ways you can wear the Kasumala with your bridal attire depending upon the look you want to achieve. For a simpler look, a long Kasumala paired with a smaller necklace looks perfect while for a grand look, Kasumala with a pendant or a double layered Kasumala would be ideal.

22K Gold 'Lakshmi Kasu' Necklace A Typical South Indian Bride with Short and Long Kasumalas 22K Gold Traditional Short Kasu Mala with Pendant The Short Kasumala Adds Magic to Her Bridal Looks