Jhumkas, bangles and other beautiful jewelry pieces all have their place in a bridal attire, but 22k gold chokers  play a vital role in uplifting a bride's ethnic look. Striking gold choker necklaces today have become an exquisite part of a bride’s trousseau and adds magic to any bride's gorgeous ensemble.

The choker is an easy to style statement piece which elongates the neck and typically rests on the collar bone giving the bride a graceful and regal look. 22k gold chokers have made it's way back in the bridal fashion circuit and is here to stay. Let's take a look at our stunning Bollywood Diva's adorned in classy chokers here-

Bollywood Actress Kajal with 22K Gold Choker Necklace Set Kareena Kapoor Khan in Antique Choker Necklace Set Deepika Padukone Singh in Traditional Temple Jewelry Choker Necklace Set Ashiwarya Rai Bacchan in Beautiful Gold Choker Kajal Looking Splendid in Gold Choker Necklace Set

Chokers are heart of Indian traditional jewelry. This year, the choker necklaces have become very popular for bridal jewelry. Brides are now looking for a distinct statement piece, and heavy choker necklaces seem to be the perfect match with their royal and elegant look. 

The new generation is in love with classic jewelry designs. Traditional pieces still rule because for a lot of people, the jewelry they buy for the wedding day is pretty much like a relationship they are entering into – it’s something they want to endure for life. It’s not something that they want to keep changing every season. It’s quite like a family heirloom that they would like to pass onto their daughters and daughters-in-law.

We have an extensive collection of 22k gold chokers right from plain gold, antique finish to temple jewellery choker designs. The handiwork on each piece is elaborate and is often embellished with beautiful stone work. Totaram is home to a variety of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind 22k gold choker necklaces- here is a peek at our collection:

Indian Bridal Choker Collection-

Evergreen 22K Gold Choker Necklace Set Beautiful Peacock Choker Necklace Gorgeous Choker Style Necklace in 22K Gold Lovely Temple Jewelry Lakshmi Choker Necklace

Uncut Diamond Choker Necklace Sets

22K Gold Uncut Diamond Choker Necklace Set 22K Uncut Diamond Choker Necklace Set 22K Uncut Diamond Choker Necklace Set 22K Uncut Diamond Choker Necklace Set


Here are few tips to wear and style gold choker necklaces-

1. Always wear a choker necklace with a flexible thread tassel or dori  instead of a gold back chain for a good fit on the neck.

2. Try to buy a slightly flexible choker necklace instead of a stiff piece because the stiffer the choker necklace, the harder it is for the piece to fit the contours of your neck.

3. If you’re planning to wear a broad and bold choker, then don’t overdo the other jewelry; keep it minimalistic and simple. If you’re going with a delicate and slim choker, then be experimental and try adding bold jewelry to your look. Layering is the key in this case.