Celebrities are the biggest trendsetters!. The clothes, jewelry they wear, the designers they patronize become instant hits! Anything these actresses wear, their fans love it so much that they start investing time looking up similar designs on online platforms or stores nearby to be an active part of the latest fashion trend. Here we have come up with a list of 5 south Indian celebrities who sport the Indian bridal look beautifully, and give us our ethnic bridal wear goals. They inspire us to be our best elegant selves and look classic, yet fashionable.

South Indian wedding are all about traditions and elegance. The ceremonies are carried out in a very royal manner! South Indian brides are meant to look elegant and classy. Nowadays, brides combine the latest trends in Indian attires to make their look a little more modern - without losing the essence of Indian traditions! 

For all South Indian brides out there who are looking for some inspiration, check out these beauties who pulled off the South Indian bridal look amazingly well!

1. Anushka Shetty

Tollywood actress Anushka Shetty can give you sleepless nights with her stunning bridal looks. In her first bridal wear, Anushka looks absoultely mesmerizing in a traditional red saree that’s very popular among Indian brides. She pairs this beautifully with 22K gold Temple Lakshmi necklace, jhumkas, maang tikka and jada choti. In her second look, adorned in a gold saree, Anushka looks elegant with her hair tied as a bun with traditional south Indian Temple gold jewelry. Note how she perfectly compliments her gold saree with a striking red blouse, and colorful stones or rubies in her jewelry. 

Anushka Shetty as a Traditional South Indian Bride in Temple Jewelry 22K Gold 'Ram Parivar' Long Necklace With Color Stones (Temple Jewellery) 22K Gold 'Lakshmi' Jhumkas(Buttalu) - Gold Dangle Earrings Anushka Shetty Looking Radiant in Gold

2. Nyanthara

In a red Kanjeevaram saree with traditional kasumala, vaddanam, jhumkas, bangles, maang tikka this Tamil actress looks like a true goddess in her traditional bridal attire. Again, she gives us a beautiful contrasting look in a simple gold saree paired with 22K gold antique jewelry and timeless gajra in her hair adding so much grace and panache to her overall look.

Nyanthara a Classic South Indian Bride in Red 22K Gold 'Lakshmi' Vaddanam, Oddiyanam, Waist Belt, Kammar Patta 22K Gold 'Peacock' Long Necklace With Cz, Rubies & Japanese Culture Pearls Nyanthara in Contrasting Red and Gold Colors- Looking Stunning!

3. Shreya Saran

To keep her bridal look minimal, this south Indian actress chose an appealing orange saree and paired it with a bright pink blouse and plain 22K gold jewelry.  Stunning, to say the least! Also, can't help, but praise her heavy bridal look which Shreya carries beautifully in a chick, sleeveless blouse with traditional Kanjeevaram saree adorned in layered 22K gold uncut diamond jewelry. 

Shreya Saran Looking Elegant and Colorful with Simple Kasu Mala 22K Gold 'Lakshmi Kasu Mala / Kasulaperu' With Beads 22K Gold Uncut Diamond Necklace For Women With Ruby, Emerald , Pearls Shreya Saran Redefining Bridal Looks

4. Tamannaah Bhatia

Tamannah totally rocks as a south Indian bride in a hot pink and bright orange saree which she has paired with colorful Temple jewelry studded with precious stones. We love the way she has done her hair in both bridal attires, and adorned layered necklaces adding extra glamor to her gorgeous looks. Tamannah nails both traditional and contemporary bridal look with ease. Her gorgeous Kanjeevaram saree, elegant temple jewelry, and timeless gajra makes her a perfect bride. 

Tamannaah Looking Like a South Indian Goddess 22K Gold "Peacock" Choker Necklace With Cz ,Color Stones & South Sea Pearls 22K Gold 'Lakshmi' Bangles With Color Stones Tamannaah Looking Beautiful in Complete South Indian Bridal  Attire & Jewelry

5. Samantha Prabhu

Samantha Prabhu as a south Indian bride chose a cream embroidered saree and paired it with a sleek red sleeveless blouse with 22K gold antique jewelry. She represents the modern Indian bride and looks absolutely chic, elegant and classy. In her second bridal look, Samantha has decked in bright color sarees, usually red, that denotes prosperity and happiness, and is considered to be highly auspicious. She has beautifully complemented her bright sarees with Temple and diamond jewelry redefining grace and simplicity. We love her radiant and regal look!

Samantha Prabhu Looking Gorgeous in Gold and Antique Jewelry 22K Gold Antique 'Long' Necklace & Drop Earrings Set With Fancy Stones Sold By : Totaram Papalal 18K Gold 'Detachable' Diamond Choker Necklace With Color Stones Samantha as a Happy South Indian Bride in Temple and Diamond Jewelry