July’s birthstone is the gorgeous ruby, which has been one of the most popular gemstones for centuries and is considered a precious stone. The gleaming red color of ruby gemstone depicts strength, life and passion.

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The ruby derives its name from the Latin word “rubens,” which means red. In ancient history, the kings believed that ruby symbolized glory and power and as such the gemstone was used for coronation of royal rings, swords, and crowns. In addition to the gemstone's protective powers, it is believed that rubies can control evil thoughts, dispel anger, and resolve disputes. Also, in Sanskrit language & the scripts of Vedas, ruby is called 'Ratnaraj', which means “King of Gemstones'. For a long time now, this gemstone has been associated with exquisiteness and royalty throughout the world.

The brightest and most valuable red shade of a ruby is called ‘pigeon blood-red’ and commands the highest price.  Rubies mined in Myanmar (originally Burma) tend to be the most sought after variety due to their superior hue, clarity, and saturation. However, most of the ruby found on the market these days, have had some form of treatment applied to them. Some of the treatments have names like 'Heat Treatment', 'Glass Filling', or 'Clarity Enhancement'.

A treated ruby is not a bad thing. Less than 1% off all rubies that are recovered naturally from the ground actually make it to the market without any treatment. These are the most precious and valuable rubies available. If rubies are not treated, 99% of the ruby would never make it to the commercial market.

Natural rubies are rare and expensive, but these days, a lot of stores sell less expensive, and readily available treated rubies like for example, glass filled. These lead-glass rubies are not found naturally in the earth, but are instead made using a combination of corundum, the mineral found in ruby, which is then infused with high amounts of lead glass. The mixture is heated at high temperatures and then cooled, cut and polished. Treatments can improve the color and clarity of rubies which make them more desirable in the market.

Treated or not, ruby gemstone continues to be known for it's amazing appeal and everlasting charm. Women love these deep-red companions for the warmth and luxury they exude. So, if you are born in July or want a gem to protect yourself or feel powerful- invest in ruby jewelry today!.  Explore our exquisite ruby jewelry collection here-

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