When you think of the British Royal Family, you likely think of luxury, impeccable taste in gorgeous hats, attire, and beautiful jewelry. The royals have accumulated an extensive collection of diamond-encrusted tiaras, sapphire-adorned necklaces and sentimental trinkets over the years, with some items dating back to the 16th century. 

Some of the beautiful pieces of royal jewelry have been centre stage during significant moments in history – from engagements, weddings to other times of celebration. On Saturday, May 19th, the Royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will take place at the St George’s Chapel,  a place of worship at Windsor Castle in England, United Kingdom at midday.  But there is still a lot of suspense on what jewelry Meghan will wear on her big day. Like many modern-day royals, Meghan will likely invent new ways to carry out age-old traditions, and that extends to the jewels she’ll be wearing down the aisle. Meghan’s engagement ring  is a testament to the couple’s reverence for tradition combined with their contemporary taste. Prince Harry designed a custom ring for Meghan, but ensured it featured two diamonds from Princess Diana’s personal collection and a 3-carat center stone sourced from Botswana. 

Regardless of what Meghan chooses for her bridal jewelry, there’s one thing we can be sure of: there will be lots of sparkle.)

Without further ado, here is our own impressive collection of royal jewelry (cut diamonds and uncut diamonds) that is sure to make any woman feel magnificent.- 

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