Culturally, mothers have been worshipped in Indian society, which is reflected in its films and music. The mother is portrayed as the all-sacrificing embodiment of virtue, poise, and love. For this Mother’s Day, we have showcased few beautiful Bollywood mother-daughter bond who we adore and admire.

Jaya Bachchan and Shweta Bachchan-Nanda Neetu Kapoor and Riddhima Kapoor Sahani Soni Razdan and Alia Bhatt Tanuja and Kajol

Mother's Day will be here soon enough, which means that it's time to start thinking about unique gifts for moms. Jewelry is a common gift to fall back on because it’s impressive, memorable and heartwarming. Here are gift ideas for every type of mom -from a simple mom, to a fancy mom, to a mom who swears she doesn't want anything. At Totaram Jewelers, we have assembled a gift guide by handpicking 10 of our most popular gift items for all mothers, all available for under $600.

If you're looking for a Mother's Day gift that feels like a special treat, you can't go wrong with giving mom a nice piece of jewelry. Shop for this Mother's Day, browse our beautiful selection of affordable Mother's Day gifts at

 Here are 10 Handpicked Gifts for all Mothers' 

Mom's Favorite Jewelry Gift Ideas: 

1. Classic Ruby Earrings in 22K Gold-

Since rubies signify love, ruby earrings make an incredible gift for your loved ones and it would make a great present for Mother's Day! (Click on any jewelry image for more details.)

22K Gold Ruby Earrings 22K Gold Ruby and Uncut Diamond Earring 22K Ruby and Emerald Earring

2. Lovely 18K Diamond Rings-

With a memorable 18K diamond ring celebrate your mother in the best way possible. Shop our stunning selection of Mother's Day diamond rings, birthstone rings, 22K gold rings for mom, and more.

18K Flower Diamond Ring 18K Diamond Ring With Colored Stones Stylish 18K Diamond Ring

3. Colorful 22K Gold Pendant & Earring Sets -

Pamper your mom with this gorgeous pendant earring set this Mother's Day! On this special day in May, we celebrate moms of all kinds in all places. And there's something every mom appreciates - the gift of thoughtful 22K gold pendant earring sets. 

22K Gold Pendant Set with Cz and Colored Stones 22K Gold Flower Pendant & Earring Set 22K Dainty Flower Pendant Earring Set

4. Beautifully handcrafted 22K Gold Rings-

Goddess Lakshmi is the representative of prosperity, good luck and abundance in Indian tradition. This is a perfect gift for all mothers! Let your mom make a statement with our trendy 22K gold rings. 

Trendy 22K Gold Ring with Cz Beautiful Lakshmi Ring with Cz and Colored Stones Delicate 22K Gold and Cz Ring

5. Gorgeous 22K Gold Chains-

This Mother's Day, show your appreciation in style with our lovely 22K gold chain collection. Gold chains for moms is a perfect way to thank the woman who raised you.

22K Gold 'Highway' Chain In Length 16.00 Inches 22K Gold 'Millennium Twist' Chain In Length 16.00 Inches 22K Gold 'Hollow Rope' Chain In Length 17.00 Inches

6. Lovely Diamond Nose Pins-

These elegant 18K diamond nose pins is one-of-a-kind accessory as unique as Mom herself. Go traditional this Mother's Day and surprise her with these lovely diamond nose pins. 

18K Gold Diamond Nose Pin With 0.12 Ct Diamond 18K Gold Diamond Nose Pin With 0.12 Ct Diamond 18K Gold Diamond Nose Pin With 0.05 Ct Diamond

7. Elegant 22K Gold Drop Earrings/Jhumkis- 

Buy this beautiful, elegant, drop earrings and jhumkis for Mother's Day and show her how much you genuinely love and care about her.

22K Gold Jhumkas (Buttalu) - Gold Dangle Earrings Lovely 22K Gold Drop Earrings For Women 22K Gold Jhumkas (Buttalu) - Gold Dangle Earrings With Color Stones

8. Classy Diamond Stud Earrings

For your mother’s unbounded love, what could be a better gift than a pair of classic diamond earrings? Our Mother's Day jewelry collection features a radiant selection of 18K diamond studs, 22K gold ear hoops, gold drop earrings and 22K gold Temple Jewelry earrings that are sure to impress.

18K Gold Diamond Earrings For Women 22K Gold Diamond Earrings For Women (Close Setting) Star Shaped 18K Gold Diamond Earrings For Women

9. Handcrafted 22K Gold Bracelets-

Celebrate the amazing mothers in your life with these perfect Mother's Day 22K gold bracelets you know she'll love !!

22K Gorgeous Gold Ball Bracelet Classic 22K Gold Bracelet For Women With Cz Lovely 22K Gold Bracelet For Women

10. Trendy Gold Huggies/ Ear Hoops-

Give all the moms in your life a gift to celebrate the new journey in their lives with these gorgeous pair of ear hoops.

Trendy 22K Gold Hoop Earrings (Ear Bali) With Cz 22K Gold Earrings - Ear Cuffs With Cz 22K Gold Hoop Earrings (Ear Bali) With Cz