Kumkum or Sindoor box is given to the bride by the groom during an Indian wedding ceremony. Sindoor a red or orange-red colored powder is applied for the first time to a Hindu bride during the marriage ceremony- when the bridegroom himself adorns her with it. The ceremony is called 'Sindoor-Dana' and is very much in vogue even today. 22K gold Kumkum boxes are therefore, high in demand and are extremely traditional with deep rooted ethnic values. Here are few Indian wedding sindoor ceremony images-

Sindoor Dana Wedding Ceremony with 22K Gold Kumkum Boxes Indian Wedding Sindoor Ceremony- When the Groom puts Sindoor on his Bride Traditional Indian Wedding Sindoor Dana Ceremony 22K Gold Kumkum Boxes or Sindoor Boxes

As a matter of fact, the 'Sindoor Dana' ritual is the most attractive and is an eagerly-awaited ceremony of any Indian wedding. The ritual marks the beginning of a new relationship between a man and a woman. The tradition of application of Sindoor or Kumkum in the parting of hair by married Hindu women is considered extremely auspicious and is being carried on since centuries. In Hindu society, wearing Kumkum is considered a must for married Hindu women. It is believed that a woman puts Sindoor on her hair parting as an offering to god where she prays for the longevity of her husband.

The tradition of wearing Sindoor by married women has also been explained with the help of mythology. Scholars say that red is the color of power while orange is a symbol of the female energy of Goddess Parvati and Sati. In fact Sindoor or Kumkum is considered highly auspicious and is used extensively for most Hindu prayer ceremonies, pujas and more. Sindoor is an important item of worship for all the goddesses like Durga, Parvati, and Mahakali. Sindoor also plays an important role in the celebration of almost all the Hindu festivals like Durga Puja, Navaratri, Sankranti and Kali Puja.

Kumkum boxes are usually carved with goddess lakshmi and peacock motifs as they are considered to bring good luck and prosperity to the newly wed couple. 

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22K Gold Peacock Kumkum Box 22K Gold Kumkum Box 22K Gold 'Peacock' Kumkum Box With Rubies & Emerald 22K Gold Asta Lakshmi Kumkum Box