In south Indian weddings, it is a tradition to decorate the bride’s long plait with beautifully patterned flowers, pearl strings, beads, golden billas, gold jada choti or anything which adds to her stunning looks on her big day. Jada Billa also known as Choti is a long ornament worn along the length of the braid. It is a popular hair ornament for south Indian brides.

22K gold Jada Billa on a South Indian Bride 22K Gold Jada Choti on a south Indian Bride 22K Plain Gold Jada Billa on a South Indian Bride

The 22K gold jada billa, a magnificent hair jewelry is either one long piece or multiple smaller pieces of gold adornments plain or studded with gems, which are placed along the length of the hair braid of a south Indian bride. The bridal long heavy gold jada is a very traditional south Indian ornament worn mostly by royalty or wealthy families. Take a peek at our collection here-

Jada Choti which is worn along the full length of a bride's braid-

22K Gold Bridal Jada Choti 22K Gold Bridal Jada Billa 22K Gold Bridal Jada Billa or Jada Choti

Jada Billa or hair accessory worn in multiple pieces along the braid of the bride-

22K Gold Jada Billa 22K Gold Ruby Jada Billa 22K Gold Jada Billa