Typically, a statement piece is chunky and instantly recognizable as a unique piece of jewelry. In addition to simply catching the eye, a statement piece is meant to be the defining element of a look. The rest of an outfit is basically built around a statement piece of jewelry. While many statement pieces are necklaces, they also make for spectacular rings.

A cocktail ring is a piece of jewelry that is larger than normal rings and is designed to attract attention with its size and colors. These rings usually have an oversized center stone or a lot of small stones in their settings. The wearer should choose a single ring and, at most, accessorise it with earrings. Being a statement jewellery, cocktail rings are best worn by itself. Cocktail rings are traditionally worn on the index finger of the right hand. 

Cocktail rings are the most flamboyant of rings, and often include coloured gemstones in addition to diamonds.  Also, referred to as 'dress' or 'party' rings these are meant for special occasions and are supposed to be worn occasionally, rather than daily. These usually become great conversation starters for parties and other special events. 

How to Choose a Statement Ring

One of the best ways to choose a statement ring is by first deciding on a ring metal. Yellow gold rings are considered to be the most traditional. White gold rings offer a shiny luster that is both elegant and sleek. Finally, rose gold rings embody romance and warmth. Also, since statement rings are instantly noticed, rings with multiple diamonds or gemstones are a great choice.

Let us help you choose a diamond statement ring from our brilliant assortment- which we promise, will add the extra dose of flair and sophistication to your ensemble. Note: Almost all our statement diamond rings come with a certificate from the International Gemological Institute. (Suggested read: Diamond Jewelry Care – Do’s And Don’tsWhy Buying Diamond Jewelry With Certificate Matters? )

1. 18K White & Rose Gold Polish Diamond Ring For Women With Color Bead: 

The striking red color in this ring is a show stopper! This unique ring features lovely round cut, and baguette diamonds.

18K Diamond ShowStopper Ring

2. Diamond Floral Ring For Women:

This one-of-a-kind ornate floral design will make any woman weak in the knees!

18K Diamond Floral Ring

3. Diamond Ring With Color Stone: 

This is definitely your selfie ring with round diamond accents and green color stone. 

18K Diamond Colorstone Ring

4. Square Diamond Ring:

This mesmerizing ring features round cut diamonds and baguettes which form a square design.

18K Square Diamond Ring

5. Floral Bouquet Diamond Ring:

Wear this gorgeous bouquet of flowers and stun everyone!

18K Diamond Bouquet Ring

6. White & Rose Gold Polish Royal Diamond Ring For Women:

Pear shaped diamonds and red color stone makes this ring a symbol of royalty. Feel like a queen with this exquisite piece!

18K Diamond Royalty Ring

7. A Stylish Buckle Diamond Ring in Rose Gold Polish:

Accentuate your western look with this unique party ring.

18K Diamond Buckle Ring

8. Delicate Crown Diamond Ring:

Feel royal and amazing with this bold statement ring. 

18 Diamond Crown Ring

9.  A Heirloom Diamond Ring With Emerald:

Truly one-of-a-kind, an elegant rectangular emerald is surrounded by sparkling pear shaped diamonds. This is a sure stunner!

18K Diamond Emerald Ring

10. Bling Diamond Ring With Peridot:

This beautiful peridot ring definitely will add color and style to your outfit...so go ahead and express yourself!!

18K Diamond Ring With  Peridot