Jhumki or jhumkas is my most favorite ornament in Indian jewelry. My mother, a gifted Bharatnatyam dancer often adorned these lovely bell shaped earrings to complete her ethnic look. She introduced me to a world of classic Indian jewelry. Growing up, I remember wearing these traditional yet chic earrings to traditional events and actually feeling complete as I always felt that jhumkis formed an integral part of dressing up for any formal or informal occasion.

Although Jhumkis emerged in ancient times, it's distinctive style: a dangling dome-shaped ornament which hangs from a stud secured at the ear, has still managed to be a hot favorite of Indian brides, Bollywood stars, and women across the globe. Today, jhumkas come in a variety of styles and designs from plain gold, pearls, uncut diamond to earrings studded with precious gems like rubies and emeralds.  

 A peek at our beautiful cut diamond and uncut diamond jhumki collection-

Stunning Diamond Jhumkas Traditional Uncut Diamond Jhumkas with Rubies and Emeralds Lovely Diamond Jhumkis in 18K Gold Peacock Uncut Diamond Jhumkas Trendy Pearl & Diamond Jhumkis

Available in varied lengths and sizes, ranging from the over-sized ones with heavy embellishments to the ones chained with dainty pearl hangings or multiple jhumkis, these timeless pair of earrings are a must-have for every woman. In fact, even Hindi cinema, has glorified jhumkas as many Bollywood songs like "Jhumka gira rey… Bareli ke bazaar mein," to the latest  "Radha tera jhumka."... display an ethereal elegance owned by these beautiful earrings that can instantly add glamour to any outfit be it Indian or Western.

Here is our breathtaking temple jewelry jhumkas - each with intricate Nakshi carvings and handiwork. 

22K Inticrate Temple Jewelry Jhumkas 22K Antique Finish Temple Jewelry Jhumkis Trendy Three Bell (Jhumki) Design in Temple Jewelry 22K Temple Jewelry Jhumki in Trendy Design 22K Temple Jewelry in Antique Finish

The latest fashion trends suggest heavy pair of jhumkis with minimal neck accessories. This accentuates and further defines the look of the earrings. Let's see few popular Bollywood Divas ruling the fashion industry today- ​​​

Anushka Sharma Looking Splendid in Jhumkis Sonam Kapoor Adds to her Colorful Look with Traditional Jhumkas Viday Balan Representing a True Goddess Adorned in Temple Jewelry Deepika Padukone Graceful As Ever in Temple Jewelry Jhumkis Sridevi Completes her Gorgeous Look with Jhumkis

Classy pair of earrings always gives an extra edge to the overall look. Over the years, the patterns and designs in jhumkis have undergone a distinct change, but their popularity has reached newer heights. Earrings are an essential part of dressing up for every woman from all walks of life. Apart from adding to the beauty, adorning earrings is a great health benefit too. Earrings stimulate the nerve points and act as acupressure check points. This may be one of the reasons why ear piercing is a popular trend all over the world. 

Let's view few of our top jhumki designs in 22K plain gold-

22K Multi Layered Jhumkis Trendy Multi Tier 22K Gold Jhumki 22K Broad Jhumkis Stylish 22K Gold Jhumkis 22K Gold Jhumkis