Customize your jewelry with us- Turn your designs into one-of-a-kind, stunning custom jewelry which we will carefully handcraft for you. From  simple alterations with designs on our website, to making a fresh, brand-new piece based on your design - We do it and can make your dream jewelry come alive!!! Read this blog for additional details and learn more about our process on custom orders.​

What are Custom Orders?

An order is treated as a custom order when we exclusively need to make a jewelry piece based on a customer's specific requirements. It can be as simple as altering the length of a necklace or changing the gemstone of a jewelry piece from emeralds to rubies, from a variety of designs available on our website. Or customization can include making a brand-new piece based on the  design provided by the customer to us.

We have recently customized these 22K gold jewelry pieces from our website- (Place your mouse on each image to learn why they were treated as custom orders)

22K Gold Temple Jewelry Necklace 22K Gold Vadannam Emerald Ruby Bangles 22K Gold "Sri Rama Pattabhishekam" Long Necklace

How the Process Works:

  • The customer needs to send us an email @ preferably with photos and description of the desired jewelry.
  • If customers have a specific design, they can email the picture to us for a FREE estimate. Customers can also send us a link to a picture from any website.
  • Once we receive an email, our team of experts and jewelers determine if we can make the requested changes to custom make the jewelry or not.
  • It typically takes 2 business days to respond to custom queries. if we are able to make the piece as requested by the customer, we send details of pricing, approximate gold weight, estimated shipping time, and other details in our email. If we cannot do the requested customization, we respond to the email and inform the customer.
  • All custom order communication is via email so that we can refer to the requested changes and specifications mentioned by the customer to avoid any confusion in the future.
  • Once the customer gives us the go ahead, we then place the custom order for them with the requested specifications.

Here are examples of jewelry pieces which we have recently custom made, based on designs given to us by the customer-

22K Gold Sapphire Ring 22K Gold Plain Bangles Customer wanted blue stone bracelet with CZ 22K Gold Emerald Pendant

Policies for Custom Orders:

Payment must be made ONLY by check for all custom orders. We do not accept credit cards for customized orders. Also, there is no return or exchange on custom orders. Custom Orders once placed CANNOT be canceled or changed or modified even if they have not been shipped to you.

Pricing for Custom Orders:

Prices specified above are an ESTIMATE ONLY. The final weight of the item and weights of any precious stones or diamonds or uncut diamonds (if they are in the product) may vary because of which the final price may change. If this happens, AFTER the item is made, we will inform the customer and charge him/her extra if the weights have increased or issue a refund if the weights have reduced. Usually, our estimates are very close and accurate, but it is always better to be prepared.

Shipping Time for Custom Orders:

The time to make a custom design depends on the design, requirements and changes to the design requested. Usually it takes 1-3 weeks for most items.

Our FAQ Section:

For additional details on custom orders, please refer our Frequently Asked Question section.