Indian Jewelry is a strong representation of culture and a royal reflection of ancient Indian history. Addiga is a traditional classic necklace design from south Indian Temple jewelry. 'Addigai' or 'Addigae' means a choker or collar necklace

The Addiga necklace and this type of Temple jewelry thrived under the patronage of the Cholas, Pandyaas and Rayars dynasty in south India from the 9th century till the 16th century. Originally crafted to adorn the Indian royalty who then donated them to temples, these Addiga necklaces were later worn by temple dancers and gradually, the designs became a part of the south Indian bridal trousseau. Today, Addiga necklaces is also a popular jewelry for traditional Indian dance performers like Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi. 

A classic design of south Indian Temple jewelry the Addiga necklace is usually studded with precious stones like rubies, emeralds, and pearls and set in a closed setting. The necklace is handcrafted using techniques used in ancient South Indian antique gold Temple jewelry. Here are few classic designs:

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A Traditional South Indian Bride in Addiga Necklace A Simple & Classic 22K Gold Addiga Necklace A Bride in Beautiful Diamond Addiga Necklace. Photo Credit: 22K Gold "Addiga" Diamond Necklace

Our Addiga necklaces are beautifully crafted simple pieces of ancient jewelry with a broad gold flat chain and a heavy pendant embedded with diamonds, rubies, emeralds or colored stones. The hues of the gemstones used are mesmerizing and lovely. The pendant is usually bordered by golden beads or pearls to add a stunning contrast to the aesthetically crafted necklace.  Here are few more of our traditional designs:

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22K Gold 'Peacock' Addiga Necklace With Rubies & Emeralds 22 Karat Gold 'Peacock' Addiga Necklace With Rubies , Emerald & Cz A Traditional Bharatnatyam Dancer Adorned in Addiga Necklace. Photo Credit:

The Addiga necklace is one- of-a- kind in the world. There are gorgeous and amazing gold studded pieces of jewelry that you can wear with your traditional sarees for any south Indian wedding or occasion. Our Addiga necklaces are made by expert craftsmen or 'Kaarigars' carrying an experience of more than 20 + years in delicately handcrafting each necklace to perfection and deftly handling intricate designs. For more south Indian hertiage jewelry visit us online @