There’s no better way to enhance your ethnic look on your wedding day than with our traditional Champasaralus! These heavy ear chains will easily tie together your hair and other jewelry adornments together to create something magical! Not only do these ear chains provide additional support to your earrings, but they also make your special occasion or bridal look grand with their beautiful dangling accent.

Champasaralu is a festive Indian decorative ear chain worn with earrings to essentially provide additional support to any traditional drop earrings. Characteristic to Indian heritage, Champasaralu or ear chains are elegant, timeless and have always been a part of every south Indian bride's jewelry collection.

These ear chains are designed with hanging cluster of lustrous pearls, gemstones or gold beads for a glam appeal. The champasaralu features a hook to hold or clip-on to the hair. Here are our latest designs for the modern and traditional bride.


Traditional Champasaralu with Gemstones and Pearls 22K Gold Champasaralu - Gold Ear Chain With Pearls Traditional Champasaralu with Pearls and Gemstones 22K Gold Champasaralu - Gold Ear Chain With Cz, Color Stones, Pearls & Japanese Pearls

Sacred moments captivate both the mind and soul! Be breathtaking on your wedding day with our bridal 22K gold drop earrings with 'detachable' Champasaralu / ear chains with color stones, beads & pearls. These can be worn with earrings or just as a festive accent to enhance your uniqueness. 

Beautiful 22K Gold Champasaralu 22K Gold Drop Earrings With 'Attached' Champasaralu / Ear Chains Heavy Champasaralu with Drop Earrings  22K Gold Drop Earrings With 'Detachable' Champasaralu / Ear Chains With Color Stones, Beads & Pearls

Some brides prefer to keep things simple and let their natural beauty become their main adornment on their wedding day. If you’re someone who loves to wear minimal jewelry, but want the jewelry you do wear to be both meaningful & unique, here are some captivating Champasaralu designs for you : 22K Gold Champasaralu - Gold Ear Chain 22K Gold Ear Chain (Matilu) 22K Gold Champasaralu - Gold Ear Chain With Pearls & Beads

At, we offer a wide range of 22k gold champasaralus, from plain gold to pearl, to cubic zirconia, precious genstones, and more! Our gold ear chains are sourced from all over India. Our designs includes 22 karat south Indian gold Champasaralu as well as 22K north Indian style gold ear chains and gold 'Matilu'. We also custom make designs. Please call us at 732-228-6300 to get started!