Waiting to buy your dream jewelry in future? Wait no longer! You can buy your favorite 22k gold and diamond jewelry today on an installment plan! Totaram Jewelers offer 0% interest and simple installment options making it affordable for everyone to buy real 22K gold  and diamond jewelry. Buying authentic Indian jewelry is expensive, but with our installment plan, customers can purchase 22K gold  for an economical amount every month and enjoy wearing them. Read this blog to find out how you can start your installment plan with us today!

Installment plan details-

Installment or layaway orders can be placed on any item worth a minimum of $500 or more. (Except - Installment orders cannot be placed on clearance items or 24 karat gold bars or coins). Our standard installment plan is strictly upto a maximum of 4 months-5 payments. However, we are flexible and can setup installment plans for customers looking for less than a 4 month time period.

How to set up an Installment plan?

Customers looking to setup their installment plans should call us at 732-228-6300 * 1- Mon-Fri between 9AM-5PM (EST). Customers should not place the layaway order directly on the website because if they order directly online, their card will immediately be charged for the full amount right away. Calling us is the best way to setup an installment plan.

Here are few 22K gold jewelry  and diamond jewelry items our customers' recently bought on an installment plan-

18K Gold '3 In 1' Detachable Diamond Jhumkas 22K Gold Guttapusalu 'Peacock' Long Necklace For Women 22K Gold 'Lakshmi' Long Necklace & Drop Earrings Set With Uncut Diamonds 18K Gold Diamond Choker Necklace With Color Stones & South Sea Pearls

How do we charge on Installment orders?

A one time non-refundable $25 layaway plan set up and processing fee is charged in addition to the first payment for each layaway plan order. We typically charge 20% +$25 of the total amount on the day the customer starts their installment plan with us, and thereafter, 20% is charged every month for 4 months (there will be a total of 5 payments of 20% each in 4 months).

For example, if the item you wish to put on Installment costs $1000, and you place your order for this item on 15th June, then $200 +$25 (installment setup fee) will be charged on 15th June (the day you start your layaway plan), and thereafter, $200 will be charged every month for 4 months on 15th July, 15th Aug, 15th Sept and on 15th Oct (unless you wish to complete the layaway plan before 4 months - You can select to have a layaway plan for a shorter duration and get your product early).

Few more layaway orders which we recently processed-

Ruby Emerald Short Necklace 22K Gold "Peacock" Necklace With Cz , Color Stones & Pearls 22K Gold Peacock Vaddanam 22K Uncut Diamond Nizami Jadawai Laacha

When do we ship installment orders?

Once all your payments are done, we ship the item to the customer typically after 4 months and the 5th payment is complete. Once all payments are done, we ship the item and email the customer the tracking number of the package.

Return, Exchanges & Cancellation Policy on Installment orders-

Please keep in mind that, customers DO NOT have the option to return, exchange, change or cancel their layaway order. Item(s) purchased through layaway plan cannot be returned or exchanged. Item(s) ordered on layaway plan cannot be changed or cancelled even if the item has not been shipped and/ or all the payments have not been completed. There is absolutely NO EXCEPTION under ANY circumstances!

For additional information on Installment plans, please visit our Frequently asked Question Section.