Today, the young south Indian brides prefer diamond jewelry instead of gold. They are going for modern and stylish diamond chokers, harams and necklace sets that match with their trendy bridal attire and personal style. While most south Indian brides opt for traditional Temple jewelry in 22K gold, these gorgeous brides ditched the bling of gold and opted for the sparkle of diamonds instead.

Let's take a moment to see how each bride is slaying their diamond bridal look ...

An Elegant Bride with Stunning Diamond Jewelry A Happy Bride Celebrating Her Special Moment With Dazzling Diamond Jewelry This Bride is Recreating An Eternal Grandeur With Her Diamond Jewelry A Beautiful Bride In Contemporary Indian Wedding Jewelry

We are totally loving how these south Indian brides are showing off their love for diamonds by replacing all traditional Temple and 22K gold jewelry for diamonds. Their layering style of necklaces with drop earrings steal the show!

As a south Indian bride, your choices in diamond bridal necklaces range from long harams, trendy broad chokers, short diamond necklaces with heavy pendants and much more. Here is a peek at our latest collection of classic and modern south Indian bridal necklaces. 

Necklaces with Heavy Pendants

Diamond Necklaces add class and elegance to any bridal attire. Heavy pendant necklaces are very much in vogue today, partly because some of these necklaces have detachable pendants with interchangeable colored stones which can be worn separately. Also, these necklaces have a majestic look and the heavy pendants stand out when these south Indian brides pair varying lengths of diamond necklaces together to create a unique bridal look! Customers can buy our diamond necklaces online through our easy to use and highly secure online portal.

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18K Rose Gold Polish '3 In 1' Diamond Necklace With Color Stones- With Detachable Pendant Regal 18K Rose Gold Polish Diamond Necklace With South Sea Pearls 18K Gold '2 In 1' Diamond Necklace With Corals, South Sea Pearls & Color Stones- Detachable Pendant 18K Royal Diamond Necklace With South Sea Pearls & Color Stones

Diamond Choker Necklaces

The diamond choker is a close-fitting necklace worn around the neck.  Diamond choker are evergreen and will never go out of style when it comes to bridal jewelry. Brides are today looking for a distinct statement piece, and diamond choker necklaces seem to be the perfect match with their royal and elegant look. Also, these diamond choker necklaces are versatile enough to be worn with anything from an evening gown to a saree. Our diamond choker necklaces come in varied design and styles, bestowing elegance, and timeless beauty with ease of buying online that is second to none!

Stunning 18K Gold Diamond Choker Necklace With Color Stones Unique 18K Gold Diamond Choker Necklace Gorgeous 18K Gold Diamond Choker Necklace With Japanese Culture Pearls & Color Stones Beautiful 18K Gold Diamond Choker Necklace With South Sea Pearls & Color Stones

Delicate Short Necklaces

Each of our delicate diamond necklace is intricately handmade with the optimal gold and diamond weight and is a masterpiece setting future trends for the Indian jewelry industry. These light weight necklaces are high in demand because they are affordable (below $4,500) and can be worn often and for every occasion, ranging from regular wear to classic evening parties or formal events. Even traditional Indian brides prefer to buy delicate diamond necklaces as part of their wedding trousseau.  

18K Rose Gold Polish Diamond Necklace 18K Rose Gold Polish Diamond Necklace With South Sea Pearl 18K Gold Diamond Necklace With South Sea Pearl & Color Stones 18K Gold Diamond Necklace With South Sea Pearl

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