Uncut Diamonds are also called raw or rough diamonds, these are typically unpolished and unshaped stones. Uncut Diamonds are naturally mined and they vary in size. They usually have a yellow or brownish hue. Some uncut diamonds that are colorless, are extremely rare and hence priced highly. Uncut diamonds have a less magnificent shine as compared to cut diamonds which go through extensive polishing and a grading process.

But in comparison to cut diamonds they are actually less expensive. Why is this? Mainly because no complex cutting or high-priced polishing process is done on uncut diamonds. Jewelry designs and settings are usually based around the diamond, since the rough diamond, unlike a cut and polished diamond is not processed into a uniform shape and size. Therefore, there is a uniqueness achieved in each piece of uncut diamond jewelry because no two uncut diamonds are alike. Uncut diamonds are very popular and are used a lot in Indian bridal trousseau.

Our Exquisite Bridal Necklace Sets-

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Chakri- this is a round shaped uncut diamond. 

Here are few examples of 22K gold jewelry using the chakri (round shaped) uncut diamonds. 

Uncut Diamond Chakri Jhumkas Uncut Diamond Chakri Pendant Uncut Diamond Chakri Kadas Uncut Diamond Necklace Set with Chakri

English Polki- an uncut diamond with one flat side and the other cut to a taper or point.  It can be mounted on either side, but usually the shaped (non-flat) side faces up.

Here are few examples of 22K gold jewelry using the polki uncut diamonds-

Polki Uncut Diamond Chandbalis Polki Uncut Diamond Necklace Set Polki Uncut Diamond Pendant Polki Uncut Diamond Chandbali


Unfortunately, there is little resale value on uncut diamonds. There is low resale value because it is not possible to resuse uncut diamonds. It is very hard for jewelers to remove uncut diamonds from any ready-made jewelry item as they are very fragile and most of them usually break. The best way for getting resale value on uncut diamond jewelry is to sell the jewelry to family or friends.


As discussed earlier, uncut or rough diamonds are raw, unpolished and unshaped stones. Therefore, uncut diamonds cannot be certified for its color and clarity. Even known laboratories such as GIA, HRD and IGI do not certify or grade uncut diamonds. A certificate basically gives us information on the color, clarity and cut of the diamonds, but in the case of uncut diamonds, because these diamonds are not cut they cannot be graded based on color or clarity.

Let’s have a look at some Traditional and Evergreen uncut diamond jewelry designs popular today-

22K Uncut Diamond Necklace Set Gorgeous Uncut Diamond Drop Earrings 22K Uncut Diamond Mango Necklace Set 22K Gold Uncut Diamond Kadas