One of the many reasons we love layering necklaces is the chance for personal expression. One of the 2019 big trends in jewelry is layering. Let’s face it, it’s not exactly a new trend, it is a comeback, but today the layered jewelry trend has become more of an art, it is architectural, not just a bunch of necklaces put together. A lot of thought goes into color schemes, design features,  elements, length of necklaces and more while layering.  Layered necklaces make a powerful fashion statement. 

Today- instead of the focus on one large piece what is really trending is layering different strands of jewelry in varied textures. There’s so much to love about it – it’s a creative way to add more detail, and layering makes any outfit look unique and glamorous. For a bride to be, your wedding is the perfect event to go all out with your love for jewelry and look like royalty with layered necklaces. You can either opt to make a subtle statement with a delicate layered necklace or a bold look with a stack of chunky necklaces. Layering necklaces has become an art that's our favorite!

Let's get inspired by some of the best necklace pairings spotted on Bollywood divas and build your own layered look that speaks for itself this season. Here we discuss 5 different styles of layering necklaces for a brand-new look. 

1. Classic Choker Paired with a Long Necklace- 

If you’re not quite sure how to, but love the style of the layered necklace, then try this traditional combination as it is the safest pairing. You cannot go wrong with the combination of 22K gold choker and a long necklaceChokers are a great way to make your layering and every outfit more interesting and catchy. (Click on any jewelry image for more details.)


Tamannah Bhatia in Temple Jewelry Layered Necklaces 22K Gold Temple Jewellery Choker Necklace Bollywood Stylist Sukriti Grover as a Bride in Layered Temple Jewelry Necklaces 22K Gold Peacock Long Necklace With Cz, Pearls & Beads

2. Pairing a Matching Short and Long Necklace Together for a Cleaner, Simple Look-

Coordinated necklaces with similar design can take you from ordinary to fashionable in a jiffy. This is a preferred choice for a simple, yet refreshing look. This kind of layering is subtle and gently highlights your outfit and overall appearance.

Tamannah looks Stunning Layering a Short and Long Necklace Together 22K Peacock Short Necklace in Temple Jewelry Style Sonali Bendre in Layered Matching Necklaces Matching Peacock Long Necklace in Temple Jewelry

3. Layering Multiple Necklaces for a Heavy Bridal Look-

Layering necklaces is pretty common for south Indian brides, but today, layered necklaces is preferred by Indian brides globally and is coming back into fashion in a big way. Today, the younger generation prefer to create their own unique expressions and layering gives them the liberty to be creative by mixing and matching different style necklaces with one another so each individual piece stands out. For brides to be, we will recommend combinations of three or five necklace pieces that are often the most pleasing, but ultimately the relationship between shapes, styles and necklace lengths is important when deciding what works best for you.


Sushmita Sen Looks Like a Royal Bride with Multiple Layered Necklaces Heavy Diamond Bridal Necklace Isha Ambani as a Glamorous Bride with Luxurious Diamond Layered Jewelry Long Diamond Necklace or Haar Perfect for Layering

4. Layering Necklaces with Pearls for a  Delicate, Elegant Look-

Pearls are the ultimate symbol of timeless elegance. Today, the millennials with their casual lifestyle prefer modern pearl jewelry for a more chic and unique look. Pearls also hold that modern appeal to blend with traditional pieces to give it a more trendy look. Here both Nita and Deepika look classy yet stylish with their delicate pearl layered necklaces. For a fashionable look, we recommend layering a dainty necklace or choker with a pearl strand.

Nita Ambani Redefining Elegance Adorned in Layered Pearl Necklaces 22K  Delicate Pearl Choker Deepika Padukone Looks Like a Goddess in Red Designer Saree and Layered Pearl Jewelry Classic Pearl Strand with Ruby and Emerald Beads

5. Layering with Chunky Necklaces and Different Colors-

This layering style can get tricky, but if done right, this is vital to making any outfit look highly fashion-forward. Let's take a peek at Tina Khanna and Dimple Kapadia- both have opted for heavy, chunky necklace layering, but still manage to look stunning. Notice they both have chosen plain bright color outfits without any embroidery or distraction at the neckline or other places in their outfit because that can interfere with the play of layering. This layering style will work well on solid color outfits and clean neck lines such that only the chunky jewelry layering stands out without looking overwhelming or too much.

Tina Khanna & Dimple Kapadia Make the Perfect Mother, Daughter Pair Layered in Chunky Necklaces 22K Peacock Short Necklace with Heavy Pendant Deepika Looks Stylish Wearing Different Colored and Design Layered Necklaces 22K Layered Necklace with Colored Stones

Just so you know, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to layering necklaces. Experiment with different necklaces and get the look you love! Share your layering favorites with us on Instagram and tag your images with #totaramjewelers