22K Gold Diamond Bangles - Set of 2 (1 Pair) (Close Setting) Zoom Image Zoom Image
22K Gold Diamond Bangles - Set of 2 (1 Pair) (Close Setting)

22K Gold Diamond Bangles - Set of 2 (1 Pair) (Close Setting)

Sold By : Totaram Papalal
SKU# 235-DBL142

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  • 22 Karat 916 Gold

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Product Description

Product Description

22 Karat Gold Diamond Bangles - Set of 2 (1 Pair) (Close Setting)

Introducing our exquisite 22 Karat Gold Diamond Bangles, a stunning set of 2 (1 Pair) that will captivate your heart and elevate your style. Made with the finest craftsmanship in India by Totaram Jewelers, these bangles are a true symbol of luxury and elegance.

Crafted with 22 Karat Gold, these bangles boast a total gross gold weight of 37.550 grams, ensuring a high-quality piece that will stand the test of time. The gold purity of 22 Karat guarantees a rich and radiant shine that will sparkle on your wrist.

What sets these bangles apart is the dazzling display of diamonds. With a total of 60 diamonds, each one carefully selected for its brilliance and fire, these bangles exude opulence. The diamonds are certified by the renowned International Gemological Institute (IGI), assuring you of their authenticity and quality.

The diamond clarity of VVS and the diamond color of E, F further enhance the beauty of these bangles. The round cut of the diamonds adds a timeless charm, while the total diamond weight of 3.380 carats ensures a breathtaking sparkle.

Designed for women in the adult age group, these bangles are a perfect accessory to elevate any outfit. The bangle width of 3.800 mm adds a touch of sophistication, while the absence of a screw ensures a seamless and comfortable fit.

When you wear these bangles, you not only adorn yourself with exquisite jewelry but also carry

Product Details

22K Gold Diamond Bangles - Set of 2 (1 Pair) (Close Setting)

Product Details

Sold By
Totaram Papalal
Country of Manufacture
Made in India
Gifts For
Suitable For
Gold Purity
22 Karat BIS Hallmark 916 Gold
Metal Type
Total Gross Gold Weight
37.550 Grams
Bangle Size
Bangle Width
3.800 mm
Bangle with Screw

Cut Diamond Information

Total Diamond Weight
3.380 Carats
Total Number of Diamonds
Diamond Certificate
Diamond Certificate Issued By
IGI - International Gemological Institute
Diamond Color
E, F
Diamond Clarity
Diamond Cut & Shape
Round Cut

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Bangle Sizes

Bangle Sizes

Q: I do not know the Bangle size? How do I measure the Bangle size?

How to measure your bangle size

A: If there is any round shape bangle that fits you properly, just take that bangle, use a scale/ruler/ and measure the diameter of the circle in inches as shown in the picture above. The standard bangle size is 2-4/16 inches (2.25 inches). Bangle sizes are usually in the range of 2.0 inches - 3.0 inches. Please do NOT use a measuring tape as they are not accurate enough.

Before you take the measurement using a scale/ruler, please take a moment to look at the scale/ruler and see how many divisions are there on the scale/ruler. You can do this by counting the number of lines or divisions between any one inch. Some scales/rulers will have 8 or 10 or 16 lines (divisions/markings). If the scales/rulers has 8 or 10 lines (divisions/markings) between any one inch, it is NOT very accurate and its not recommended to use this. Try to find a scale/ruler that has 16 lines (divisions/markings) between any one inch, this is the most accurate one.

When you take the measurement, say for example it comes to 2 inches and 4 lines or divisions, then the bangle size would be 2-4/10 inches (if the ruler has 10 lines or divisions between any one inch) which will make the bangle size 2.40 inches (do NOT confuse this with INDIA bangle size of 2-4 or 2-4 anna, that is a completely different size, please read the question below this for information on that) or if the scale/ruler has 16 lines or divisions, and when you measure it comes to 2 inches and 4 lines, then the bangle size will be 2-4/16 or 2.25 inches - this is the same as India bangle size 2-4 or 2-4 anna

Lastly, if you have any confusion in figuring out the bangle size, please take a bangle that fits you properly, keep a pen or a pencil and a sheet of paper along with a scale/ruler and call us, we can be over the phone with you to instruct you and help you figure out the correct and exact bangle size.
Q: Is the bangle size when measured using the instructions above the same as the bangle size as specified or used in India?
A: Answer is Yes and NO. In India, bangle sizes are measured in 1/16th of an inch, so if you measure the diameter of the bangle using the instructions above and if that size come to say for example 2.25 inches, then that size is called size 2-4 or 2-4/16 or 2-4 anna in India. Size 2-4/16 is the same as size 2.25 inches, please do not confuse India bangle size of 2-2 or 2-2 anna or 2-2/16 with size 2.25 inches, these are two completely different bangle sizes

Q: Can I put a string or thread around my wrist and figure out the bangle size?
A: NO, this is the most inaccurate way to measure the bangle size, you can be 90% sure that the bangle you will receive if you do this will NOT be of the right size.
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