22K Temple Jewellery Necklace Sets

22K Gold Temple Jewellery Necklace Sets - Indian Gold Jewelry - Buy Online

Explore our collection of exquisite 22K gold temple jewellery necklace sets inspired by South Indian temple art and architecture. This sublime collection of Temple gold jewellery from Totaram Jewelers is an embodiment of grace and magnificence. With our vast collection of South Indian style 22K Temple Jewellery Necklace sets with earrings for women you have your bridal wear and traditional look taken care of.

When it comes to 22K gold Indian jewellery – especially weddings, it is difficult for modernity to take over tradition. 22K gold Temple jewellery is still considered a strong insignia of Indian culture and tradition. It seeks inspiration from different deities and involves a lot of handiwork called (nakkashi). Our unique 22K gold Temple Jewellery necklace sets include bridal Lakshmi Kasu Harams, Mango Malas, Lakshmi Long Necklaces, Gold Peacock Necklaces and South Indian 22K gold Bridal Necklaces with drop earrings. Each piece is hand carved for perfection.   Most of our 22K Gold Temple Jewellery Necklace sets for women are unique designs, we just have one piece of each. Our Temple Jewellery Necklace sets with drop earrings are sourced from all over South India. Our designs includes 22 karat South Indian gold Necklace sets for women, Bridal traditional necklace sets like Lakshmi Kasu Mala and Mango Mala for Indian brides as well as South Indian style gold Necklaces like the Butta Pusalu. So make sure you order the Traditional Temple Jewellery Gold Necklace set of your choice before its snapped up by someone else. Our Temple Jewellery Necklace sets for women design collection includes Long Lakshmi Necklaces, 22K gold handcrafted Nakkshi necklaces with synthetic, precious and semi-precious stones like pearls, rubies and emeralds.

Our collection of Indian gold Temple Jewellery Necklace sets for women are suited for various occasions such as wedding, puja, formal and casual parties and all auspicious occasions. Each piece is intricately hand carved in Temple Jewellery style with Naakshi handiwork. This is popular Jewelry for South Indian Weddings. Try buying at our online store and shop for Temple Jewellery gold Necklace sets with drop earrings for women at the best prices.

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