22 Karat Gold Peacock Vaddanam

Item Code: GV137 Gross Gold Weight: 215.00 Grams
22 Karat Gold Peacock Vaddanam - GV137 - Buy this Indian Jewellery Design from Totaram Jewelers for a low price of $11,680.99

Product Details

22K Gold Peacock Vaddanam, Oddiyanam, Waist Belt, Kammar Patta with Rubies, Emeralds and CZ.
Length: Standard length is 28 inches.
This is adjustable and the length can be increased up to 34 inches.
This item can be made in any length as requested by you.
Gold Weight: 214.000 - 215.000 grams
Ruby & Emerald Weight: 25.0 carats
Width : 2.0 inches
Shipping Time: 7 - 10 days

Sold By: Totaram Papalal & Sons Jewellers
This Indian Vaddanam Designer jewellery product is made in India. This product will be shipped to you from New Jersey - USA