18K Gold Ruby Kada - set of 2 (1 Pair)

Item Code: GK295 Gross Gold Weight: 51.55 Grams
18K Gold Ruby Kada - set of 2 (1 Pair) - GK295 - Buy this Indian Jewellery Design from Totaram Jewelers for a low price of $3,254.99

Product Details

18 Karat Fine Gold Ruby Kada - set of 2 (1 Pair)
Gold Weight : 51.550 grams
Ruby Weight : 6.00 carats
Width at center: 0.95 inches
Width of sides: 0.30 inches
Shipping Time : 10 - 14 days
- sold out - not in stock
Note : This item comes with a screw and hinge so that you can open it up for easy wearing.

Bangle Size: 2-5/16 (2.3125 inches internal diameter) - also know as bangle size 2-5 in India - This item is ONLY available in this bangle size
This item will easily fit you if your bangle size is 2-5/16 OR 2-6/16 OR 2-7/16 because it comes with a screw to open and wear it directly on the wrist.
its NOT possible to make this item in a different size.
Sold By: Totaram Papalal & Sons Jewellers
This Indian Designer jewellery product is made in India. This product will be shipped to you from New Jersey - USA