22K Gold Bangle - Set of 6 (3 pairs)

Item Code: GBL822 Gross Gold Weight: 85.95 Grams
22K Gold Bangle - Set of 6 (3 pairs) - GBL822 - Buy this Indian Jewellery Design from Totaram Jewelers for a low price of $4,469.99

Product Details

22 Karat Fine Gold Bangle - Set of 6 (3 Pair).
Gold Weight: 85.950 grams
Weight of Middle bangles (4-bangles) : 52.350 grams
Weight of Side bangles (2-bangles) : 33.600 grams
Width(side bangles): 8.1 mm
Width(middle bangles): 5.7 mm
Shipping time: 10 - 14 days. Sold out. Not in stock.

SIZE: After ordering the bangle please reply to the order confirmation e-mail with the required size, else the standard size will be shipped.

Note: If you want just ONE pair or just 1 bangle from the design above, you can have it, just call us and we'll make it for you

Sold By: Totaram Papalal & Sons Jewellers
This Indian Designer jewellery product is made in India. This product will be shipped to you from New Jersey - USA