22K Gold Navarathan Diamond Pendant & Earrings Set

Item Code: DPS049 Gross Gold Weight: 12.25 Grams
22K Gold Navarathan Diamond Pendant & Earrings Set - DPS049 - Buy this Indian Jewellery Design from Totaram Jewelers for a low price of $1,325.99

Product Details

22 Karat Gold Navarathan Pendant with Diamonds and other Precious Stones.
The Celestial Nine Planets.

According to Indian astronomy the nine planets play a major role in the play of human destiny. The mere shift in any one of their positions can affect a person. These planets are represented by their respective gems in a mystic formation that controls the harmful planetary influences and enhances the good ones. To be worn for a harmonious planetary influence in ones life

The 9 precious stones used are Coral, Garnet, Cats Eye, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Pearl and Blue Sapphire.

Gross Gold Weight : 11.250 - 12.250 grams.
Screw type : Bombay Screw
Total Diamond Weight: 0.38 carats
Ruby & Emerald Weight: 2.50 carats
Length of Pendant: 0.90 inches
Width of Pendant: 0.50 inches
Length of Earrings: 0.50 inches
Width of Earrings: 0.50 inches
Shipping Time: 7 - 10 Days
Sold By: Totaram Papalal & Sons Jewellers
This Indian Diamond Pendant Sets Designer jewellery product is made in India. This product will be shipped to you from New Jersey - USA