22 Karat Gold 'Peacock' Baby Arm Vanki

Item Code: ARMV275 Gross Gold Weight: 19.35 Grams
22 Karat Gold 'Peacock' Baby Arm Vanki - ARMV275 - Buy this Indian Jewellery Design from Totaram Jewelers for a low price of $1,329.99

Product Details

22 karat Gold 'Peacock' Baby Arm Vanki (armlet) with Rubies , Emeralds & Cz
Gross Gold Weight : 19.350 grams
Rubies & Emerald Weight: 3.00 Carats
Size: Usually ALL Arm Vanki sizes are self adjustable
Shipping Time : 7 - 10 days

Sold By: Totaram Papalal & Sons Jewellers
This Indian Baby Arm Vanki Designer jewellery product is made in India. This product will be shipped to you from New Jersey - USA